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Owners Paul & Lexie

In 2003, Paul and Lexie Furer moved with their family from BC’s Cariboo Interior to purchase the facilities from the founding owners. They live on-site, close at all times to the animals in their care. Their generous gardens and pond are shared with ducks, quail and birds of several other varieties, and, of course, their four-legged friends in the kennel and cattery. Over the years, a couple of very special dogs have also shared Paul and Lexie’s home – two wonderful dogs named Jumanji and Miss. And now their new addition this Spring, Miss Grayce!

With four children and five grandchildren, Paul and Lexie are always on their toes! Luckily, the A-1 business is largely a family affair, and several members of the family work daily in various roles of operation to keep everything running smoothly.

In their spare time, Lexie and Paul enjoy relaxing in the great outdoors, camping, boating, fishing, attending classic car functions, and of course, spending time with friends and family, on both two legs, and four!

Lexie and Paul invite you and your pet to visit A-1 Boarding Kennels any time!