As a dog owner, the thought of leaving your furry friend with strangers as you go to work, on vacation, or during an unexpected emergency, can be daunting!

All too often, people deny themselves the time away they deserve for fear that their dog simply is not able to stay in a boarding facility.

Some of the most common reasons are:

My dog is too old, does not like other dogs, is nervous, has allergies, takes medication(s), has a physical disability, is too loud, can’t hold his/her bladder, chews everything in sight, climbs over fences. Have I named your four-legged companion yet? Do you feel like you are getting anxious just thinking about dropping them off at a new place?

Well first of all…take a deep breath!

At A-1 Boarding Kennels, we are proud to say that diversity is our specialty! There is no perfect “kennel dog”, so throw away the idea that your friend doesn’t have what it takes or that his/her personal needs are too complicated to be met. We care for dogs and cats of all ages, sizes, breeds, temperaments, dietary concerns, abilities, and levels of health. Our dogs are our family, and much like family members, nobody is perfect!

We offer a customized experience for your pet, where your dog’s unique needs are met with understanding, experience, and attention to detail.

But, hey! You aren’t the one who really needs convincing, so let us speck directly to our tail-wagging clients:

  • To the dog that has trouble making friends: At A-1 you will get the chance to do so slowly, through careful assessment of your needs and gradual introduction to friends that will make you feel confident and happy, not angry or scared.


  • To the dog who has a seemingly endless storage of energy, who makes friends easily, whose curiosity is only outdone by her ability to play tug of war or chase a ball all day long: There are lots of friends here just like you waiting to play!


  • To the dog who can scale a ten-foot fence in seconds: we got you covered. Literally! We offer covered runs inside and out for those with an ambitious wanderlust, so don’t worry if your excitement gets the better of you, we’ll keep you safe and sound.


  • To the aged dog or those with physical disabilities: we have lowered steps, ramps, comfy beds and loving arms to support your ups and downs. Our suites are more than adequately heated and cooled depending on the weather for your comfort.


  • To the dog who likes or needs his privacy with no exceptions: Welcome! We offer private, roomy suites with access to an outdoor run at no additional cost. If you prefer to rest, we can provide human company and lots of snuggles while you take it easy.

At A-1 Boarding Kennels, every dog is part of the pack!

Have questions? Give us a call or come visit us!
We are here to help you (and your pup) feel comfortable!